Top Restaurants in Mysore

Are you in search of good restaurants in Mysore? We are here to help you know which restaurants you need not miss whenever you go to Mysore. Mysore is known for his sanity and greenery; it was also the capital of Karnataka. Don’t miss you to pay a visit to the best hotels in Mysore. Below are the top restaurants in Mysore.

Vinayaka Mylari

If people are looking for vegetarian food then this hotel can be a good choice to eat. The taste of the restaurant is the best when it comes to idlis and world-class dosas that can be served on the banana leaves. So, this restaurant will add a perfect combination to all the dishes and an ideal place to eat. But the ambiance of the restaurant is not very good.

Oyster Bay

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Oyster Bay will provide the best ambiance to its customers who are visiting the restaurant for food and can lift the mood once they step in. The food is very good and chefs are experts while preparing the food in many different recipes. So, the restaurant will offer its customers the option of sitting outdoors where they can enjoy the food with the cool breeze during the evening time. Even the restaurant has the option of a lounge bar where people can relax by having a drink. Oyster Bay is considered the best hotels in Mysore.

Green Leaf  

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The Green Leaf will offer awesome food with the authentic south Indian dishes or north Indian delicacies, people cannot go to their own place without visiting this restaurant and will serve the food with good ambiance. So, people can taste the Open Masala Dosa which is delicious and make them have more dosa’s.

Hope this blog answers most of your answers. If you have anything to ask, you can always get back to us by commenting on your views in the comment section. There are many other restaurants in Mysore where they provide good services to their customers. However, the above restaurants are the best hotels in Mysore where they give a better ambiance to the customers. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about top restaurants in Mysore. Thanks for reading!

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